Live Seminars

A live session for clearing doubts in finance is a real-time interactive platform where experts address questions, clarify concepts, and provide guidance to enhance financial understanding and decision-making.


A podcast is an audio program available online, discussing various topics. In finance, podcasts provide insights, market updates, investment advice, and financial education, making complex concepts accessible to listeners.


Live simulators replicate real time financial scenarios, aiding learning by providing hands-on experience for kids before turning 18 and they can use it to enhance their understanding of investing, risk management, and trading with inventing the real money

Live Calculators

A real-time finance calculator is a digital tool that instantly performs financial calculations, providing up-to-the-moment results for various financial scenarios. It’s crucial in finance for quick decision-making, risk assessment, and optimizing investments. This tool enhances accuracy, efficiency, and allows professionals to respond rapidly to real market fluctuations and improve the financial outcomes


Real-time finance games are interactive games that replicate financial market and numbers allowing participants to play in the virtual trades and numbers to take better investment decisions based on real-time market data. They are used in finance for experiential learning, risk-free practice, and gaining insights into market dynamics, improving financial literacy, and honing decision-making skills


Reward system is a dynamic platform that instantly provides users with rewards and coins from Finmate which can be redeemed by vouchers and coupons based on their answers or results. It’s used in finance to enhance user engagement, and to incentivize desired behaviors, ultimately driving more transactions and increasing the interest of learning and growing.

FinMate Community

Finmate community is an online platform where individuals engage in live discussions share insights, and receive instant updates on financial topics. It helps individuals by fostering knowledge exchange, providing timely market information, enabling networking, and enhancing financial literacy, empowering them to make informed and timely financial decisions and keep posted on the updates world.


Certification is an official recognition that an individual has met specific standards of knowledge and competence in a particular field of finance. It helps individuals by validating their expertise, boosting their career prospects, and enhancing credibility, which is vital in the competitive financial industry.

Parent Support Panel

A parent support panel is a special panel which provides guidance and assistance to the parents, specifically in the context of tracking the kids use age behaviour and customise the course topics accordingly.
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